Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Freedom Tower Mural the Truth

Freedom Tower Miami Mural
Painted by:
William Mark Coulthard
Wade Foy & John Conroy
1988 Miami Artisans .
Miami's Freedom Tower Mural hangs on the second floor and has been credited in the award winning documentary 'House of Freedom Tower of dreams'' 2003 .
It is not the original as is alluded to in the documentary and most recently in the application to the Senate for Landmark Status. It is quite clearly written in the lower right corner in 3 inch letters "Miami Artisans 1988" . Anyone wanting to learn more about this 60 ft long mural whose real name is ''The New World Mural'' can read a short history of its making at and click on the link on the front page. Here you will learn how it was painted by three artists,working for the Coconut Grove Playhouse, how it was installed and where it was made. The admittance of the true credit and the continued pursuit of a false timeline ,despite the obvious contradictions is a dangerous path that Miami is already famous for. Mistakes are made, sometimes innocently but in this case the Truth is being buried at the expense of the Artists ,whose careers would be significantly changed by their rightful recognition . This dangerous and reckless course could risk the possibility of the desired Landmark Status, jeopardizing grant possibilities and slowing the process due to further investigations to discrepancies in the application. The last of the Miami Artisans from the 80's who still live in Miami ask the people of South Florida to understand that their actions for recognition are just and right. That if those who have misled us and Washington did so for the sake of a short cut. Ironically the same reason we are now in such an economic mess. Whether we are vetting mortgages,medicare bills ,auto loans or grants to restore old buildings it is vital that the Truth should be sort diligently , as the cost of true research far out weighs the embarrassment of ineptitude and conceited opinion.

Change will come at all levels !

The truth has to come to the light
William Mark Coulthard
Ana Bikic


  1. Wade Foy was a union scenic,the unions are going to be all over this, they hate when one of their own gets bumped from the credits, heck we've all sat at the end of a movie and seen how long it takes to credit everyone who was involved. The College, the Herald ,the City Officials will all be answering to a very powerful and influential crowd if they don't work it out with the artist's. good luck william ,we're right behind you..
    pasted from a letter recieved 09/11/08 .. Thanks Gerard,

  2. We have also received support for our claim from the Coconut Grove Playhouse director Arnold Mittleman stating his conformation of the Miami Artisan and the Late WAde Foy's claim to authorship. The commissionong Architect Mr. Hesienbottle has also offered to talk with the College officials and sort this out.! The National Scenic Union Vp is about to throw his wieght in. The lack of communication and respect that our claim has received is bringing about an ever more embarrassing situation for Miami.
    We hope they start to take us seriously,ps we can;t count on the Herald ,they seem to be in on the deal too...WMC